We try to have lots of fun every day and I aim to provide all the children in my care with hours full of laughter and learning in a warm, homely atmosphere. Each day has a structure to provide consistency for the children but within this structure activities are as varied as possible.

Planned activities include painting, sticking, drawing, singing, cooking, musical instruments and TV time, amongst many others.

Story-time, where the children listen, act out and contribute to a story, is an important feature of the day’s activities. I have a large selection of books appropriate for all pre-school levels and the children are encouraged to respect and enjoy books and the pleasures they can bring.

We regularly take the opportunity to get out and about. We visit Daventry Country Park for nature walks and the playground.

In addition, there are weekly outings to Tumbletots, fitness sessions for toddlers, at the local sports centre. With trips to the library and shops the children experience real, hands-on learning situations.

When and what we do are very much dependent on your child’s daily routine and their age, but I would normally try to include an outing most days. Some of these are regular weekly activities, currently these include weekly visits to Adveture land (which includes a ball pit and fun slides). Other days will be taken up with theme linked activities, visits to the library, local parks and walks etc.

The afternoons are generally home based and include craft activities which range from simple drawing and sticking, to gardening and cooking. We have a different theme every few weeks, as shown in the programme below and there’s also time for free play and quiet time. Each day there are different activities available to choose from, usually based around the 6 areas of Learning & Development.

As I’ve already said, the days activities are very much centred around your child’s routine and interests, so if your child still needs a nap in the afternoon we’ll include this, likewise if the weather forecast for the morning is rain, rain and more rain, but due to brighten up in the afternoon we’ll swap the morning and afternoon activities around! The ‘Typical Day’ shown below is just an idea to show you the sort of routine we have at the moment, but it does vary depending upon the needs of the children I’m caring for.

Spring Term

With Spring now upon us we’ll be planting fruit & vegetables in the garden.

April is traditionally a rainy month and the children will be making raincatchers so that we can measure how much rain has fallen and we’ll also be doing a Wellie Walk.

We’ll also be watching carefully as the tadpoles at the country park change into frogs, showing the children the life cycle of a frog.

For our Jubilee celebrations the children will be making bunting and crowns and we’ll be having a little tea party in the garden.

We will try and visit our local Pick Your Own farm to pick some fruit to make fruit kebabs.

We shall be having a mini sports day in the garden to celebrate the Olympics!

Birthdays will also be covered including mine which is during Spring (May).